New Leaf

“What is the most unforgettable moment in your life?”

Someone asked me this and it startled me.


6 thoughts on “New Leaf

  1. HD0819 says:

    Syet mahal Di mo sinabi EOP pala dito.. Nakapag baon man lng sana ako ng konting English.. Hahaha!
    Kidding aside..
    Just to piggyback on ar ar Mateo.. Overcoming struggles in life like being a single mom, graduated with bachelor degree as a working student and whatnots.. Yes Mahal, you really are a strong person (hats off for that ma’am), so just keep it like that, okay? Tho you never have to worry about what life has to offer anymore, because I will be here for you..for better or for worst.. Till death do us part.. I love you mahal ko! God bless us always 😘 #SingleMomNoMore 👌


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